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   Toys for Tots

This year Judah Creek is teaming up with "Toy's for Tot's"  to bring some Joy to a child.  With every purchase, Judah Creek will donate a portion of the sale to Toy's for Tots.  
Please help us put a smile on a Child's face this year!      
Christmas Decorating - Christmas Wreath Old Book Pages                                          
Christmas decorations  
Before carol singing in public became popular, there were sometimes official carol singers called 'Waits'. These were bands of people led by important local leaders (such as council leaders) who had the only power in the towns and villages to take money from the public (if others did this, they were sometimes charged as beggars!). They were called 'Waits' because they only sang on Christmas Eve (This was sometimes known as 'watchnight' or 'waitnight' because of the shepherds were watching their sheep when the angels appeared to them.), when the Christmas celebrations began.
New carols services were created and became popular, as did the custom of singing carols in the streets. Both of these customs are still popular today! 

                           Sesame Street                           Thomas Kinkade                Disney


 Judah Creek is a premire online market place where you can browse and purchase Home Decor from a trusted Dealer. Choose from hundreds of Decor and Gifts and buy with confidence. 

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  Judah Creek does Halloween like no other. And this year, we've upped the thrill level. Just take a look around, and you'll unique Halloween decorations to die for—from animated life-size figures to outdoor Halloween decorations, skeletons, pumpkins, witches, and more. Snatch them up while you can—Halloween comes faster than you think. And sold out is the scariest thing of all...       

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